Multiproducer is an opensource suite of media production tools which can be used to produce online lectures, presentations, learning aids and similar productions.

The philosophy behind multiproducer is that every person, company and most importantly academic institute can have access to a quality piece of software to aid them in their work for free, which they can taylor for their own needs by becoming part of the development team.

To this end we hope to make cross platform versions of multiproducer for as many media types as our users require.

The project starts with PRISM, an online lecture and learning system created in macromedia flash by researchers at the University of Berkley, United States. And a developing system based around similar ideas using real media, namely realvideo, realpix and realtext formats from real networks, created by Christopher Dean of the Vega Science Trust, UK.

The project is currently looking for developers, testers and user feedback to help us progress. The main aim is to create software that is of and exceeds the standard of current offerings from Microsoft, Real Networks partners and the like and above all which is free to use.

Opensource is the future...